Thursday, February 19, 2015

40 bags in 40 days challenge

These are the musings of a messy mom.

As I look around my house, I feel suffocated and stressed.
I look at the STUFF and I'm overwhelmed.

I'm re-evaluating things.  If I've been hanging on to that stuff, to do that project
for so long that I no longer remember what the project was.... YES.... it's time to take

So, I found this idea on Facebook ,

 I clicked this link

 to read more and I'm in.  Thank you   Ann Marie Heasley!

The goal is to unclutter and fill bags or boxes of stuff and get rid of it.

I'm starting tomorrow.  ( Okay so technically I'm starting 2 days late- oh, if you are just starting,
there are 2 different schedule printables- one is dated and one isn't)

(I found the idea late Wednesday, and Thursday was booked so Friday it is)

I'll post pictures before and after....
if I can figure that out.

Care to join me?
Anyone else doing this and blogging about it?

Until next time......


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