Friday, February 20, 2015

40 bags - My day 1

I was planning to catch up with kitchen work and
work in my hall way and living room
at de (or is it un )cluttering.

However, my Jman decided he was comfortable going on
an outing with his sister, Sgirl, a friend,and another  mom
Without ME!!!!

This is a major development for my 6 year old....
so my plans changed as I had about 3 hours without any kids.

My dear husband asked if I was going to take a long soak in the tub.

Honestly, that thought never crossed my mind.  I did consider running
on a shopping errand but
I opted to tackle their kid bedroom.

It's not completely finished, (I love that silly girl in the pic.)

 but I removed 1 bag of trash, and 1 bag of toys.
Yes, toys!  ( we have too many still, - the island in the middle of the beds
includes a bin of Legos, a bin of dolls and a box of miscellaneous toys that
needs to be put away.- yes, I know we still have too many-
BUT I was able to part with about 6 dolls)

This is again a major development for .......ME, the messy mom.

(Not sure why I cannot part with dolls, but I find it difficult)
The dolls they got rid of on their own... THEY decided to part with them.

Count for today, 2 bags and growing satisfaction.

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